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How to use fillable forms

How to use fillable forms



Fillable Forms Instructions

1.  Click on the document, download it, and save it to your computer. In order for the information to be saved, you cannot enter the information using an online browser. You must first save the document to your computer.

2.  Open the saved document in Adobe Reader.

3.  Fill in the form for your first child. 

4.  Save document with the child's name, e.g. "Abraham Schwartz emergency form" 

5.  If completing forms for an additional child, you can now make appropriate changes for the second child, leaving the family information intact. Changes would include name, birthdate, camp division, allergies, etc. Then save the changes with the second child's name, e.g. "Isaac Schwartz emergency form". 

6.  Do the same for Emergency and Registration Confirmation forms. The medical form must be filled out and signed by your physician. It is not a fillable form.

7. After saving the forms on your computer, open them up again in Adobe Reader to make sure that the information was saved. 

8.  When you have completed all the forms, please attach them to an email and return them to Please include the family name in the subject line of the email, e.g. "Schwartz family forms".
If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to call our secretary, Ms. Bert Seidle, and she will be glad to help you. Her direct line is 
301-926-3632, x 104.