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Printing CGI pictures

Printing CGI pictures



To order prints from Costco:

Log into

Select the Photo circle and log into seeing photos

Right click on a picture and you will be given a choice to Save Picture As…save the picture/pictures into your file.

Log onto


If you are an existing member log in or join now

In the right corner there will be a yellow box, click upload photos

A yellow new album will appear. On the right in small blue letters it says “one-by-one upload” click it.

Then it will ask if you agree, click I agree

then select browse which appears in a gray box on the top left corner.

Find the picture/ pictures you would like to print and you will have to open them one at a time. Then click upload photos

Click- see entire album

Then in the right corner in the yellow box click order prints then select the pictures you want and click choose these photos

choose the store you would like to pick up at or have them mailed to you and click continue.

Select the size you would like and the quantity and then click continue.

Select a time and click place order.