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Payment, Cancellation and Liability information

Payment, Cancellation and Liability information


Payment & Cancellation Information for Summer 2017

note that these policies apply to all Camp Gan Israel programs.

Camp Gan Israel of North Potomac will process registrations only if they are accompanied with a $100.00 deposit per child.
  By completing the camp application, the child’s parents or guardians agree and understand that:
i.  any balance outstanding for the first and second weeks must be satisfied by May 1, 2017;
ii.  any balance owing for the remaining weeks must be satisfied by June 2, 2017;
iii.  any and all changes to the registration information (or cancellations) must be made in writing or explicit email to with notice in subject line.

·  Cancellation Policy:
i.  Registration deposit is not refundable. 
ii.  Of the remaining tuition balance, you can receive a refund if you cancel: 
     before April 10 - 100% refund
     before May 15 - 75% refund
     before June 2 - 50% refund 
     after camp opening on Monday June 20 - 20% refund for any weeks not yet started.
iii.  There is no refund for daily absences or for weeks already in progress.

iv.  All cancellations must be in writing.

  Adding Weeks: Requests for adding sessions must be made in writing, and are subject to availability.

·  Fees include one CGI T-shirt per camper and all trips, except for Grand Trip [one per summer], overnights and after-camp activities.

·  Registration will be closed once camp has reached capacity for the age level.

Please note: Out of courtesy to other locals Camp Gan Israels, we cannot accept transfer campers who are currently registered with other local Camp Gan Israels and will be canceling their current registrations to attend our camp.



Medical & Liability Information

Prior to the start of camp, the camper’s medical form must be signed and attested by a licensed medical doctor and returned to the camp.

By signing the camp registration form, the child's parents or guardians agree and understand that no camper will be allowed into camp without a completed medical form.

By signing the emergency and medical forms, the child's parents or guardians expressly agree to release Camp Gan Israel of North Potomac, its Directors, and employees from any and all liability that may arise from an illness, accident, or misfortune that occurs to the camper:

i.  while traveling to or from camp;

ii.  while on camp property; and

iii.  while on a camp trip that occurs off of the camp property.


By signing the emergency and medical forms, the child's parents or guardians expressly agree that in the event of a medical emergency, they hereby give permission to the administration of Camp Gan Israel of North Potomac and any other professional health care provider (including hospital personnel, paramedics, nurses, and others) to administer health care services to the camper. This includes but is not limited to hospitalization, medication, X-rays, anesthesia, or surgery.

Every effort will be made to contact the parents as soon as possible, but in the event that the parents cannot be contacted, the Administration shall have discretion to determine that a medical emergency exists.


Further, they expressly agree to release Camp Gan Israel of North Potomac from any liability that arises from accidents or injuries which may occur during the course of such activities.